Universal Fit Size Precut Curved Sun Strip window tint

  • $9.95


>> Universal Pre-cut Curved Sun Strip window tint.

>> Sun strip film will be applied inside, top section of the front windshield.

>> This precut sun visor 5% tint will fit on any vehicles including Big truck, SUV,

>> It needs a slight trimming on top portion of the tint.

>> Curved shape sun strip will give you better vision than straight cut sun strip

>> And much easier to install with Precut sun strip visor.

>> Particle Technology Film containing Carbon Pigments which offers Excellent Heat Rejection and Color Stability for Lifetime.

>> Scratch Resistant and Standard Black Color.

>> Blocks 99% UV rays and No Radio Signal Interference.

>> Cooler temperature, Privacy and Protects your car's interior.

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Construction: Carbon Coating Polyester Film
Color: Standard Black
Layer: 2-ply
Thickness: 1.5 mil
Scratch Resistant: Yes
Reflective: No
Metal: No
Ultra Violet Block: 99%
Visible Light Trans: 5%
TSER Rejected: 66%



Ask a Question
  • What are the dimensions of this Sun Strip?

    The size is approximately 65”(L)x 7.5”(H)

  • Where do we put what kind of vehicle we need the sun trip for or y’all make it for every vehicle

    We make it so that it may fit every vehicle. It's a one size fits all kind of sun strip. So it may need to be trimmed to your liking.
    Vehicles with a flat windshield does not fit this and you would have to let us know which vehicle you have.
    For example, Jeep Wranglers cannot just this sun strip.

  • Will this fit 2016 Jeep Wrangler windshields

    It will not, but we can cut out a separate one for Jeep Wranglers.