Soak Shield Rope- Mini


Only absorbent rope braid used for absorbing water running down behind the dash of a vehicle while installing film.Protect the vulnerable electronics and fragile leather surfaces from damage with this.....

NT Knife (Holds 5 blades)


Used for film pattern-cutting and trimming. Holds five blades for automatic blade replacement capabilities...

Red Titan Squeegee


New version provides you a longer stiffer alternative to the Conquistador. With a blade length of 14 3/4 inches overall, the Red Titan Tool allows you to get into those.....

Retractable Razor Scraper


Retractable Razor Blade Scraper safely holds your 1" razor blades. Intermediate blade position keeps the blade from sliding out while in use...

Single Edge Razor Blade (100pack)


Single Edge Razor Replacement Blades 100 pack. Carbon steel single edge blade, non-rust aluminum back...

Green Tail Fin Soft


The ProToolsNow Green Tail Fin (Soft) is designed to help with those problematic third brake lights and other tight spots (Works beautifully on VW Passat 3rd brake light rear windshield). Green.....

Slip Tape roll


A Teflon-coated tape for use with hard cards and squeegee, comes in a roll 3/4" wide x 12 foot long. Slip Tape is the ultimate product for making your hard cards.....

Lexen Slammer


Slammer is great for hard to reach back windshield installations and handle provides increased leverage.  ..

Redesigned Original EZ REACH Platmium Corner Card


The ProToolsNow Platinum EZ Reach Corner Tool (Redesigned) is a 1/4 millimeter thicker and slightly more rigid than the original Platinum version. Best tool to use for tight trim areas and.....